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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r426813 - in /jakarta/commons/proper/configuration/trunk/src: java/org/apache/commons/configuration/ test/org/apache/commons/configuration/
Date Sat, 12 Aug 2006 15:47:51 GMT
Oliver Heger wrote:
> Rahul Akolkar wrote:
> <snip/>
>> <snap/>
>> The method in question apparently has existed ever since xalan2 came
>> about (my guess would have been there is some version xalan1 in
>> lib/ext, but you've tried all that).
>> As a side note, xalan 2.6.0 -> 2.7.0 is generally considered a bigger
>> leap, so I've left [scxml] at 2.6.0 (its closer to what JDK 1.4 had
>> built in, so the 1.4 user has less reason to need the endorsed
>> standards override mechanism, and cause any errors therein) -- but
>> since [configuration] has had atleast one prior release with a xalan
>> 2.7.0 dep (are we using any 2.7.0 specific stuff?), maybe the xerces
>> version also should be upgraded? (2.7.0 has been tested with xerces
>> 2.7.1).
>> *Sigh*, cross-JDK compatibilities for XML processing continues to be a
>> pain point, IMO.
>> -Rahul
> Hi Rahul,
> thanks for having a look at this.
> We do not use any specific features of xalan 2.7.0. There is one 
> transform() call in XMLConfiguration for writing the DOM to a file, 
> which works without problems. The two test classes that cause trouble 
> try to transform a SAX source into a DOM.
> I can test other versions in the next few days. And yes: it is a pain!
> Oliver

you are right: when downgrading to xalan 2.6.0 the error does not happen.

I wonder if I can change the version because [configuration] 1.2 was 
released with the dependency to xalan 2.7.0. But because xalan is needed 
only for JDK 1.3 support I think it is not that problematic.


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