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From Kris Nuttycombe <>
Subject [sandbox][pipeline] The future of commons-pipeline
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 15:10:53 GMT
Hi, all,

I'm writing to ask for suggestions about the future of commons-pipeline. 
The sandbox project was started a couple of years ago when I contributed 
a chunk of foundational code; however the project has never developed 
much of a community and since I'm not a Commons committer getting 
changes into the source repository has been a hassle for me and for 
theose kind committters who have periodically helped me out. As a 
consequence, due to the operational needs of my group we have continued 
development under our own source control and have made significant 
improvements to the API and the threading model code that have never 
made it back into the jakarta repository.

Part of the problem, I think, is that the code was initially dumped into 
the sandbox before the whole incubation process came along. Without the 
direct involvement of a committer in the project development, I can't 
see much of a future for the project in commons.

So, what do people think? If there's any interest in the project, I have 
prepared a patch that can be used to bring the jakarta repository up to 
date; the new additions and changes make it much easier to write unit 
tests, add a bunch of documentation, and move the project to Maven 2.0. 
If not, I think it may be best at this point to take the code elsewhere 
and if there is sufficient interest in the future, bring it back into 
jakarta through the incubation process.



Kris Nuttycombe
National Geophysical Data Center

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