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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject [io] Re: [nightly build] io failed.
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 19:02:48 GMT
> On 11 Aug 2006 13:10:48 -0000, <> wrote:
> > Failed build logs:
> >

Brain dumping in case anyone else is looking at this too.

This error is in the isNewer test.

Testcase: testIsFileNewerOlder(	FAILED
New File - Newer - File
junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: New File - Newer - File

It creates a file, pauses for a second, creates another file, pauses
for another second and then creates another file. I suspect the bug is
that pausing for a second still ends up with a file with the same
timestamp for some reason or other. Easiest fix would be to pause for
a little longer than a second I suspect. It doesn't always happen.

There's another similar error happening from time to time in
FileFilterTestCase. Pretty sure I've seen this one crop up at work
when we build commons-io, just not very often.

Testcase: testAgeFilter(
Filter(File) not false
for /home/bayard/io/test/io/new.txt
junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Filter(File) not false for

The same spin method is used here to pause for a second. It looks like
it's overkill implementation wise; I thought you could trust
Thread.sleep(n) to pause for at least n milliseconds - unless an
InterruptedException happens (which in this case will fail the test).

Bumping up to 2000 surprisingly still saw errors happening. I also
don't get why the FileUtilsTestCase one is seen more often than the
FileFilter one.


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