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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [all][maven 2 configuration]
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 23:52:53 GMT
It's a valid point. Unfortunately, build profiles can't be used for  
the distributionManagement section at the moment.

I believe the solution to this really needs to be server side  
controls on the repository which we are definitely working on. I'm  
not sure what we can do on the client side other than education at  
the moment.

- Brett

On 30/08/2006, at 4:44 AM, Phil Steitz wrote:

> I have one more question / concern with the current setup.
> Currently, we are inheriting the distributionManagement config from
> the apache POM.  This seems good and reasonable, except that that
> parent defines both apache.snapshots and apache.releases and points to
> the ibiblio synched repo for releases.  That is again good and
> natural, but what I am afraid of is what happens when someone
> mistakenly changes a <version> not to end in -SNAPSHOT and then does
> "mvn deploy" (or they check in the change and the nightlies do it).
> Since (I think) the releases repo lives on the same box
> ( that the snapshot one does, authentication will be
> the same and deployment will go to the rsynched repo.  Isn't this
> dangerous?  Should we override the distributionManagement section to
> null out the releases section and create a build profile for releases
> that has to be explicitly triggered on the command line?  Will that
> work? (i.e., will m2 just merge it in anyway?).
> In m1, we handled this with build properties.  What is the right m2
> way to handle this?  I am afraid that the poms I checked in yesterday
> do not handle the risk of accidental deployment correctly.
> Phil
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