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Subject Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: apache bugzilla 39109 ... assignee very quite ...]
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 20:24:57 GMT

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: apache bugzilla 39109 ... assignee very quite ...]
Date: Wednesday 30 August 2006 20:23
To: Rory Winston <>

Yes you are right,

I made the test case pass here by adding the header as written eairler, and
 by changing the goodSamples processing as well.

What would it take to have a getGoodSamplesList, that should return a List
where each element is an array to test ?

It is not clear to me what the purpose of
 /* (non-Javadoc)
     * @see
() */
    public void testParseFieldsOnFile() throws Exception {
        FTPFile file = getParser().parseFTPEntry("Migrated
        assertNotNull("Could not parse entry.", file);
        assertTrue("Should have been a file.", file.isFile());
        assertEquals("file1.I", file.getName());

        FTPFile file2 = getParser().parseFTPEntry("PSMLC1 3390   2005/04/04 
 1 1  VB   27994 27998  PS  file2.I");
        assertNotNull("Could not parse entry.", file2);
        assertTrue("Should have been a file.", file2.isFile());
        assertEquals("file2.I", file2.getName());

is this some sort of test that the parsed content is what is expected ?
Here is the same problem, that a complete list must be available, and the
preParse must be called.

With the new parser it is even possible to do the
    public void testParseFieldsOnDirectory() throws Exception

because the PO dataset organisations are now supported.

Give me a day or two, and I will make this work.

One thing about the latest Parser, it contains some less tested code, the JES
parser. It is something I would like to add as well, but I need some more
time to finish it off. When is your latest 'merge' window ?


On Wednesday 30 August 2006 08:19, you wrote:
> Henrik
> I think I see the problem with the current setup.
> 1. Firstly, the parser needs to "initialize" itself via an FTP listing
> header line in preParse(), in order to set the isType flag and the
> parent class regex. As long as we have a way of explicitly setting this,
> we can get the class to work in a unit test.
> 2.Secondly, the current parser will never be able to parse a line such as:
> Migrated                                                file1.I
> Because as far as the parser is concerned, this is not a valid line, it is
> incomplete. The old parser used a much simpler regex that was able to
> handle lines like this, but the old parser simply extracted the last token
> (the filename) and used that. Your parser is able to extract more
> information - when it exists. If it is possible for a line such as the
> above to occur in practise (which I am assuming it is) then we need to be
> able to handle it as well.
> Also, the method parseFileList() expects to find a valid value for the
> "DSORG" header field. If it does not, it returns fakse from
> parseFileList(), faiing the parse. This will not work for lines where a
> "DSORG" value may not be present, so we would need a way of handling this
> as well.
> I think we are nearly there -if we can get these issues sorted, then we can
> look at getting this in to the next release.
> Thanks
> Rory


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