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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [commons-net ftp] help! can I avoid oro.jar? (MalformedPatternException)
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 01:52:09 GMT

In message <>, Anil Philip wr
>I googled and read that the oro.jar is missing.
>However my application is sensitive to download times
>and I dont wish to add the oro.jar if possible - I am
>not using regex here.
>Is there any way out?

The oro jar 77k in size (a good deal smaller than all of the
JavaScript support libraries that get loaded in Web pages these days)
Usually, if you're sensitive to the size of a jar file, you repackage your
application to use only the essential classes.  There's nothing preventing
you from removing unused classes from the commons-net (based on your
commons-user email) and oro jars.  However, the oro classes are used
by the FTP listing parser.

All that said, if you do a checkout of the trunk of the oro svn repository
and compile the source with 'ant jar' you will find a number of jars,
two of which will be jakarta-oro-core-2.1-dev-1.jar and
jakarta-oro-perl5-2.1-dev-1.jar.  I do not believe commons-net uses anything
outside of that.  The first jar is 12k in size and the second is 28k.  You
can make the second one smaller by removing the org/apache/oro/text/perl
classes and the first one smaller by removing the classes with 'Engine'
in their names.

Based on your commons-net email, you appear to be using only FTP.
I'd suggest removing the bsd, nntp, ntp, pop3, smtp, and tftp packages
from that jar and creating a new jar including all of your app dependencies
to avoid multiple downloads since you're concerned about download times.
However, since you mentioned in your commons-user email that you're
using Java WebStart, downloads are a one time cost because of the
application caching.  Also, with the caching mechanism, it's better to
use separate jars so that individual jars can be updated without
requiring the entire application to be redownloaded.


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