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Subject svn commit: r428651 - /jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 07:05:25 GMT
Author: bayard
Date: Fri Aug  4 00:05:24 2006
New Revision: 428651

Dropped the 2.1 bugfixes and new features. Moved bugzilla ids to jira ids


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Fri Aug  4 00:05:24 2006
@@ -51,103 +51,12 @@
 - New ExceptionUtils methods getMessage/getRootCauseMessage
-- New ExceptionUtils method setCause() [37574]
-- Mutable package - contains basic classes that hold an Object or primitive
-and provide both get and set methods.
-- DurationFormatUtils - provides various methods for formatting durations
-- CharEncoding - definitions of constants for character encoding work
-- CharUtils - utilities for working with characters
-- ArrayUtils - many more methods, especially List-like methods
-- BooleanUtils - isTrue and isFalse methods that handle null
-- ClassUtils - primitive to wrapper class conversion methods
-- ClassUtils - class name comparator
-- IllegalClassException - extra constructor for common instanceof case
-- NotImplementedException - supports nested exceptions
-- ObjectUtils - hashcode method handling null
-- StringUtils - isAsciiPrintable to check the contents of a string
-             -- ordinalIndexOf to find the nth index of a string
-             -- various remove methods to remove parts of a string
-             -- various split methods to provide more control over splitting a string
-             -- defaultIfEmpty to default a string if null or empty
-- SystemUtils - methods to get system properties as File objects
-             -- extra constants representing system properties
-- Validate - new methods to check whether all elements in a collection are of a specific
-- WordUtils - new methods to capitalize based on a set of specified delimiters
-- EqualsBuilder - now provides setter to internal state
-- ToStringStyle - new style, short prefix style
-- ReflectionToStringBuilder - more flags to control the output with regards to statics
-- ExceptionUtils - added indexOfType methods that check subclasses, thus leaving the existing
-indexOfThrowable method untouched (see incompatible changes section)
-                -- new ExceptionUtils method setCause()
-- NumberUtils - various string to number parsing methods added
-- DateUtils - methods added to compare dates in various ways
-           -- method to parse a date string using multiple patterns
-- FastDateFormat - extra formatting methods that take in a millisecond long value
-                -- additional static factory methods
-- StopWatch - new methods for split behaviour
+- New ExceptionUtils method setCause() [LANG-212]
-37111  Request for MutableBoolean implementation
-36512  Enhanced Class.forName version
-37596  DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationWords "11 <unit>s" gets converted to "11 <unit>"
+LANG-186  Request for MutableBoolean implementation
+LANG-254  Enhanced Class.forName version
+LANG-152  DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationWords "11 <unit>s" gets converted to "11
-19331  General case: infinite loop: ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString
-23174  EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) throws NPE
-23356  Make DurationFormatUtils public!
-23557  WordUtils.capitalizeFully(String str) should take a delimiters
-23683  New method for converting a primitive Class to its corresponding wrapper
-23430  Minor javadoc fixes for StringUtils.contains(String, String)
-23590  make optional parameters in FastDateFormat really optional
-24056  Documentation error in StringUtils.replace
-25227  StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml() doesn't handle hex entities
-25454  new StringUtils.replaceChars behaves differently from old Ch
-25560  DateUtils.truncate() is off by one hour when using a date in DST switch 'zone'
-25627  DateUtils constants should be long
-25683  Add method that validates Collection elements are a correct
-25849  Add SystemUtils methods for directory properties.
-26616  ClassCastException in Enum.equals(Object)
-26699  Tokenizer Enhancements: reset input string, static CSV
-26734  NullPointerException in EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[])
-26877  Add SystemUtils.AWT_TOOLKIT and others.
-26922  public static boolean DateUtils.equals(Date dt1, Date dt2)
-27592  WordUtils capitalize improvement
-27876  ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString(null) throws exception by design
-27877  Make ClassUtils methods null-safe and not throw an IAE.
-28468  StringUtils.defaultString: Documentation error
-28554  Add hashCode-support to class ObjectUtils
-29082  Enhancement of ExceptionUtils.CAUSE_METHOD_NAMES
-29149  StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml() doesn't handle an empty entity
-29294  lang.math.Fraction class deficiencies
-29673  ExceptionUtils: new getCause() methodname (for tomcat)
-29794  Add convenience format(long) methods to FastDateForma
-30328  HashCodeBuilder does not use the same values as Boolean (fixed as documentation)
-30334  New class proposal: CharacterEncoding
-30674  parseDate class from HttpClient's DateParser class
-30815  ArrayUtils.isEquals() throws ClassCastException when array1
-30929  Nestable.indexOfThrowable(Class)  uses Class.equals() to match
-31395  DateUtils.truncate oddity at the far end of the Date spectrum
-31478  Compile error with JDK 5 "enum" is a keyword
-31572  o.a.c.lang.enum.ValuedEnum: 'enum'is a keyword in JDK1.5.0
-31933  ToStringStyle setArrayEnd handled null incorrectly
-32133  SystemUtils fails init on HP-UX
-32198  Error in JavaDoc for StringUtils.chomp(String, String)
-32625  Can't subclass EqualsBuilder because isEquals is private
-33067  EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) crashes with a NullPointerException if an
element of the first array is null
-33069  EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) incorrectly checks that rhs[i] is instance
of lhs[i]'s class
-33574  unbalanced ReflectionToStringBuilder
-33737  ExceptionUtils.addCauseMethodName(String) does not check for duplicates.

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