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From "Putrycz, Erik" <>
Subject [JCI] RE: JCI, JDT and Tomcat/JBoss
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 15:47:47 GMT
I believe the compiler links somehow to a particular version of an
interface... Even if the methods signatures are the same, if the
interface is different, I'm not sure it links correctly.

The error I had with JDT 3.1 was 

What I'm not sure is what would be the best way to solve it... Just add
a different compiled version of the eclipse plug-in or create a
different plug-in?
The problem in making a different compiled version is that it won't be
easy to run the test suites against both versions. It would be nice to
create different classes and maybe have a way to select inside JCI the
appropriate version.

Btw, another change I would suggest in JCI is to remove all static
caches. Static caches can cause memory leaks in webapps because of the
different classloaders involved... Although this seems to me unlikely to
happen with JCI, I don't think there would be much loss of functionality
by removing them.


Erik Putrycz, Ph.D - Research Associate / /
(613) 990 0681
Institute for Information Technology - Software Engineering Group
National Research Council, Canada - Building M-50, 1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1A 0R6

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From: [] On Behalf Of Torsten
Sent: July 18, 2006 5:03
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: JCI, JDT and Tomcat/JBoss

> I've been having some issues lately with JBoss Rules running inside
JBoss AS. JBoss Rules uses JCI as backend for compiling the rules.
> The JDT plugin for JCI is compiled against the version 3.2 of JDT but
JBoss and Tomcat contain version 3.1 of JDT.

Sure no change is needed? Strange it does not work with the compiled
jci module then :-/ I've already talked with Mark about his ...we
might need a dedicated 3.1 module then. But I first I'd like to find
out why exactly.

What error did you get?

> I downloaded all the SVN sources from the trunk and I copied and
modified the eclipse project. The modified eclipse project compiles all
fine without any source code change with JDT 3.1 and by using the
obtained jar JBoss Rules seems to work fine in JBoss AS.


> I'd be willing to contribute to JCI and to add out of the box
compilation with Tomcat with a plugin.
> Would anyone be interested?

Any help is appreciated...

What do you mean by "out of the box compilation with Tomcat" ? You
mean work out of the box with eclipse 3.1?


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