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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: [JCI] gsoc report
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 11:34:21 GMT
> here's my report of what i've done  for Google Summer of Code

Thanks for the summary, Peter

> (project JCI) during last month.
> The ' to-do' for me was to create a implementations for the following
> compillers:
>   o javac
>    o jikes
>    o pizza
>    o jruby
>    o jpython
> Since I'm sure that of those five Javac is the most important, i was
> mostly concentrated on designing a interface for it. I'm almost
> through it - here's what i've done:
>   - a configuration class for Javac to which you can pass a number of
> parameters (just as you can do with Ant as you know)
>   - feature that supports parsing of  compilation results for javac
>   - since JCI uses resource reader and you don't physically have
> files in your access - while javac needs them - i've wrote a class
> that emulates file respond when you request a Resource Reader

Which is excellent would nice to replace the javassist dependency by

though (by using the RenamingVisitor)

> Along with all mentioned above, I've began to design a maven plugin
> for JCI. So far I can start in, but the difference among confgurators
> of different JCI  compilers remains the main problem here. I think of
> creating a factory that processes configuration of all those
> compilers from maven config

I am currently fideling around with that. Expect a post soon.

> So here's my plans for the following several weeks: I plan to start
> working on the net compiler (that would be jikes),

You mean "next" right? ;) ...yes, that would be great.
So javac is already working fine - except for the configuration part?

> and along with
> that I wlll proceed on creating that factory for maven.

Can you elaborate a bit on this? Not sure what you mean ...for the


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