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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [all] Splitting the mailing list
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 12:35:11 GMT
On 21/07/2006 2:08 PM, Simon Kitching wrote:
> Allowing people to subscribe to (mail+jira+commit) for a specific
> commons component seems to be to me what casual contributors would
> really need, but we have no easy way to do that without causing major
> damage to the whole commons community.

Yes, that's really the other alternative. But I think they need to be 
larger, active components or groups of components, otherwise you'll end 
up with ghost town lists, insufficient oversight and lack of interest in 
the common infrastructure which is what you are referring to.

FWIW, we do this too - maven-scm, maven-continuum, maven-wagon, 
maven-doxia all have separate dev, user and commits lists (but they all 
share the issues list).

>>> As far as the arguments about getting new contributors in, I would
>>> like to hear from them.
> That's an excellent idea..

Yep, best to listen to them. This is really who the proposal is for, I 
agree that the committers would want to be on all 3.

I don't buy the argument that it is necessary to follow all the jira 
issues and commits to participate in development, though.

> Brett, what's the feedback on the split of the Maven list? Why do you
> think it was a good idea?

It was very positive, and many people who weren't committers were keen 
to see it go further than originally proposed.

One of the motivations for me was looking at the graphs on Ken's page to 
see how many people unsubscribed from the dev@ list when there was a big 
run of commit or jira mails. That's losing people that might have had 
something to say if they only had to go through a less annoying amount 
of mail. We get regular feedback on there from people I've never heard 
from before.

The separation of archives is a big win, especially as things like 
nabble have become more popular as a way to casually participate in lists.

The dev@ list is definitely more active than it used to be, but I don't 
know how much of that is attributable to the split vs. normal growth (it 
seems to be on the same upward trend it already was). However, it 
certainly hasn't hurt. I haven't seen any evidence of jira issues or 
code getting overlooked.

But, YMMV - the Maven lists are significantly busier than commons.


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