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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject [blog] Implementing a shared blog
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 20:53:57 GMT
I'm not sure if posting this thread here will piss people off, or if
it would be more irritating to have it not going on here. So let me
know if it's undesired noise.

Niall and Robert have both signed up for the commons blog (*cheer*);
and I've no clue how you do distributed multi-person blogging so I
thought I'd suggest a couple of ideas and see where it goes.

With the first few hesitant blog entries I've gone with the three
categories. Tips, Sandbox interviews and Release info. I've also been
timing the entries so they go out steadily instead of in a splurge of
RSS spam. So that implies two principles:

1) Bring up new categories on commons-dev before writing to them.
2) Don't publish an entry if there was one recently - unless it's time critical.

The left hand side of the blog is managed under a thing in Roller
called Bookmarks. Each one is a bookmark, so it's easy to add your
name or change the Coming Soon etc.

Any thoughts?

On the new category idea side of things, Niall's suggested Release
interviews (what's the story behind Modeler 1.2, Attributes 2.2 etc).
Seems valuable - more so than my cut-and-paste release announcements,
so I think we should drop the Release info for Release interviews and
just link to the published ASF release announcement for the info.


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