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Subject Re: [all] Splitting the mailing list
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 07:23:33 GMT
Phil Steitz <> wrote:

> Commit diffs are not spam, IMO, nor are issue reports / comments.
> This is core to what is happening on a project.

This is true for someone deeply involved in the project life, but may be
overwhelming for someone who only wants to keep an eye on the discussions about
future directions and new features.

> As far as the arguments about getting new contributors in, I would
> like to hear from them.

I am just stepping in now. As I really want to contribute and to invest my time
in this project, I am interested in the commits and Jira stuff. The fact de dev
list is shared among many projects is more an issue to me than the level of
messages that are exchanged on the list for a given project. However, I think
this choice has been made for good reasons and will not complain about it. I
take the lists as they are.

This is only a personal opinion, from someone who is both new to the project and
wants to get involved. Many other use cases for the lists are possible.


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