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From Bryce L Nordgren <>
Subject Re: Collections-events
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 19:28:35 GMT

Stephen Colebourne <> wrote on 06/08/2006
01:29:25 AM:

> > I would be willing to help revive collections-events if there is
> > Even more so if it can happen with generics support.
> Logically, this would be a generics only project now. Does this affect
> you Bryce? (If it does, then perhaps we might need to try retro*)

I could go either way.  I'd be biased towards keeping it 1.4 just because I
don't think Generics adds anything to this particular block of code.  How
would you even use Generics with ObservableCollection/Set/Map/List?  If
there's a legitimate use of generics within the package, I may be
convinced.  Generics seems more applicable to commons-collections.

Jeez, you start porting commons-collections to generics and you've suddenly
got an awful lot of overlap with Java5 SE.  You've got a really good thing
going on here with your implementation!  You have a typed collections
framework which does not require a JVM change.  Furthermore, if you do use
a java 5 sdk targeted to java1.4, your type-checking still works (unlike
the J2SE package).  Why would you want to change that and become redundant?

But the best reason to stay at 1.4, at least for now: it seems to already
work!  I really don't understand why this was mothballed.  Might it be
released as 0.1 in its current state, then refactored to 1.5 in the next

On the other hand, I don't have a good grasp of why one would use generics
at all, especially at the cost of breaking compatibility with many existing
systems.  Take it with a grain of salt. :) Now if it was a full-up template
facility, I could see using it.


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