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From Bryce L Nordgren <>
Subject Commons-collections & events
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 20:46:15 GMT

Dear Jakarta Commons developers

I'm in the process of stealing (possibly forking) the dormant project
commons-events.  While I am highly motivated to adopt it as a baseline, I'd
be integrating it into a Geospatial library (GeoTools;  I'd really rather keep it
separate and refer to it by a dependency.  Would there be any interest in
reviving this project if I handed it back to Apache with tests, a maven 2
POM, and whatever fixins might be required to make it function?
Conversely, would anyone have advice on the current state of the code (what
to watch out for, etc.) for a person primarily interested in the

As I am lazy and refactoring is work, I hope to sweet talk someone here
into taking commons-events back when I'm done with it. Maybe even release
it. :)

Progress may be observed at:

Out of curiousity, is there any reason not to absorb commons-events back
into commons-collections?

PS: I'd like to update my maven dependency for commons-collections to 3.2,
but it's not on ibiblio yet (released May16th).  When might this arrival be

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