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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [all] [math] Mantissa conribution
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2006 19:22:18 GMT
I propose that we accept the Mantissa library
<>, minus the
one class that Luc cannot claim sole ownership of, as a contribution
to commons-math.

The action plan will be

1.  Complete the incubator checklist here:

2.  Commit the (repackaged) code to the trunk/src/experimental directory

3.  Develop a math 1.2 release plan including refactoring and
incorporation of some TBD components of Mantissa.  Additional
components may be included in subsequent apache releases, as the code
will at this point be part of commons-math.

I will do 1. and 2.  Luc has already submitted a CLA and software
grant (though I am not seeing it Acked yet).

I see this as an action plan subject to lazy consensus (i.e., not in
need of a [vote]), so if there are objections (including demand for a
vote), pls register them within the next week.



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