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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Re: [all][scxml] Version 1.0 RC 1 available
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 03:38:46 GMT
I wish I had found time to play with SCXML previously - what you've
done looks good Rahul.

1) What is the status of the SCXML specification? The docs currently
mention the working draft from July 2005 - but the latest on the web
site is January 2006. I'm wondering how much change (if any) there is
likely to be between the current working draft and the (presumably)
1.0 version of the spec. Maybe it would be better to release SCXML
with a different version number (e.g. 0.8 or WD2 etc) and save the 1.0
version for when the spec is final and put health warnings that the
API may change depending on the final specification.

2) I'm not an expert in listeners/events - but typically listeners
extend the java.util.EventListener tagging interface and events extend
java.util.EventObject. Also the operations of a listener typically
take an event object which SCXML doesn't seem to follow. Wouldn't it
be better to follow this pattern for SCXML?

3) My instinct would have been to avoid dependencies on the
servlet/JSF api and to keep SCXML more tightly focused on its primary
aim. I realize you're trying to facilitate usage from these
technologies by providing the context implementations but since these
are minor wouldn't it be better to just document how-to for these and
keep SCXML dependencies to a minimum. Maybe having these dependencies
will make it tempting to provide further technology dependant features
in the future - blurring the scope of the component.

4) In the user guide "Hello World with a custom action" - link is
invalid (points to "custom-hello-world.xml" but should be either
"custom-hello-world-01-.xml" or  "custom-hello-world-02-.xml")

5) In the "SCXML Digster" part of the user guide it would be better
IMO to point to the javadoc for the "model" package, rather than the
subversion repository.


On 6/20/06, Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:
> Release Candidate 1 for Commons SCXML 1.0 is available for review:
> New version of the Commons SCXML site:
> This is the first release, release notes are bland:
> More details are in the changes report:
> My key is here, amongst other places:
> All feedback on this release candidate is welcome. As an aside, I will
> be away for three weeks, and my replies will be very slow during that
> time.
> -Rahul

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