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From Stephen Kestle <>
Subject Re: [collections] Closure is a really bad name
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 04:32:02 GMT
I can see where you're coming from, but I disagree about it not being 
broken.  One of the most important parts of development is naming.  For 
a flagrant extreme example, if Double was called Float, would it be 
broken?  Would people jump up and down about the broken-ness of the 
JVM?  But it would do everything that it would be used to do, so would 
not be broken.

The only difference here is that Closure is obscure enough that 
developers don't even know that their mental programming vocabulary is 
being corrupted.

Anyhow, I'm not immediately advocating changing the name.  Just a 
subinterface of Closure and potential deprecation. 

Ok, I suppose it's never going to be changed.  But PLEASE, when Java 5 
becomes the standard, do it then (there's enough of a re-write to merge 
it in).  Can a ticket be made for that far off?

*frustrated* - It's just wrong :(

Thanks anyhow

Stephen K

Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> Stephen Kestle wrote:
>> The "Closure" in commons collections is not named well
> [snip valid points]
>> So, what to do?
>> I would propose an interface called Processor. It is more intuitive 
>> and has many "real world" examples that can anchor the term so that 
>> it makes sense to the average (and functional!) programmer.
> I don't disagree that the name may be inappropriate, or that your 
> argument is valid. However, this is an old widely used interface that 
> isn't broken, so changing it seems excessive.
> Stephen
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