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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject [lang] Pushing Enums back to 2.3?
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 19:44:48 GMT
Any thoughts on having a 2.3 release that focuses on the 5 enum issues?

* Bug  	 LANG-262  	 Use of enum prevents a classloader from being
garbage collected resuling in out of memory exceptions.
* Bug 	LANG-153 	[lang] Can't XMLDecode an Enum
* Bug 	LANG-76 	[lang] EnumUtils.getEnum() doesn't work well in 1.5
* Improvement 	LANG-258 	Enum JavaDoc: 1) outline 5.0 native Enum
migration 2) warn not to use the switch() , 3) point out approaches
for persistence and gui
* Bug 	LANG-259 	ValuedEnum.compareTo(Object other) not typesafe - it
easily could be...

So they would be pushed back to 2.3, leaving us with 8 issues in 2.2.

Of those 8, LANG-180 and LANG-197 should be pushed back to 3.0.
Features that require discussion I think.

* Improvement 	LANG-180 	[lang] adding a StringUtils.replace method
that takes an array or List of replacement strings
* Improvement 	LANG-197 	[lang] Extending VariableFormatter to use

That leaves us with 6.

Bug 	LANG-66 	[lang] StringEscaper.escapeXml() escapes characters > 0x7f
Bug 	LANG-100 	[lang] RandomStringUtils.random() family of methods
create invalid unicode sequences
Bug 	LANG-59 	[lang] DateUtils.truncate method is buggy when dealing
with DST switching hours
Bug 	LANG-69 	[lang] ToStringBuilder throws StackOverflowError when an
Object cycle exists
Bug 	LANG-140 	[lang] DurationFormatUtils.formatPeriod() returns the
wrong result
Improvement 	LANG-226 	[lang] Using ReflectionToStringBuilder and
excluding secure fields

LANG-66 is easy enough to change assuming no one is against the idea.
Gary's reading of the XML spec suggested that we shouldn't be escaping
such characters but just letting them sit in the XML.
LANG-100 is confusing. I think it's solveable, but not sure any of us
know much about this part of unicode.
LANG-59 - I have no idea on fixing this. Needs code of some kind in
DateUtils.modify. If it's all that's left at the end, I'll be
recommending we push it to 3.0.
LANG-69 needs to be reworked - there's too much there and it breaks
another test.
LANG-140 needs some hacking to get a fix that isn't too ugly.
LANG-226 just needs a bit of cleanup.


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