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From "Kenneth Xu" <>
Subject RE: How can I search the mailing list archive
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 19:18:35 GMT
Thanks Phil, very comprehensive information. I guess I should have started
from, but I lost at I just
checked a few other commons subprojects like BeanUtil and Lang they all have
a similar page.

So the options are (1) fix the mail-lists.html page in all subprojects or
(2) update the navigation in all subprojects to point to mail2.html#Commons.

>> If you want to suggest contents for commons-dev-faq, we should be able
>> to get that content added...

Yes, I did mean that. But after understanding the existence of a general
Guideline, I guess having a link to the guideline page should be sufficient
as a response to commons-dev-faq and commons-dev-info request.


I did browser around above links as well as
cs/. There is a link to mail-lists.html in
cs/navigation.xml and then I stuck. I'm new to xdocs, so it might be a dumb
question, but where is the mail-list.html?


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