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From Bernard <>
Subject Re: commons-daemon with JVM included in Fedora?
Date Sat, 27 May 2006 08:18:04 GMT

Your suggested solution works without problems so far.

In location.c, I added

    "/usr/lib/",          /* gij (GNU libgcj) (Red Hat
4.0.0-8) */

It appears that Red Hat Fedora 4 does not set JAVA_HOME, and the
location of is not in the same directory as the other java
executables so I could not use that.

Who creates a new version if any and when?

Would you be able to explain to me the syntax of the first line in the
file jakarta-commons-daemon.spec?

%define native      %{?_with_native:1}%{!?_with_native:0}

Where can I learn about this syntax?

Where is the syntax of the "define" keyword documented?

What does  "{?" mean?

Is this bash? I looked up "man bash" but there is nothing like "{?"

What does  "{!?" mean?

What does the whole command 

Many thanks


On Wed, 24 May 2006 22:59:02 +0200, you wrote:

>Bernard wrote:
>>Hi Bill,
>>How can I compile jsvc?
>Read the README's.
>something like:
>sh support/
>./configure --with-java=$JAVA_HOME
>But I don't remember getting working with gij, I don't remember what was 
>the problem. But I will have a look to it.
>+++ CUT +++
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