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Subject svn commit: r410292 - in /jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk: xdocs/changes.xml xdocs/downloads.xml
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 14:14:37 GMT
Author: niallp
Date: Tue May 30 07:14:36 2006
New Revision: 410292

Switch changes report from Bugzilla --> Jira


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/
--- jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/ (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/ Tue May 30 07:14:36 2006
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
 #maven.test.skip = true
 #maven.test.failure.ignore = true
 maven.changelog.range = 120

Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
--- jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml Tue May 30 07:14:36 2006
@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@
 1.  Add items when you fix a bug or add a feature (this makes the 
 release process easy :-).
-2.  Do a bugzilla search for tickets closed since the previous release.
+2.  Do a Jira search for tickets closed since the previous release.
 3.  Use the report generated by the maven-changelog-plugin to see all
-CVS commits.  Set the' maven.changelog.range 
+SVN commits.  Set the' maven.changelog.range 
 property to the number of days since the last release.
@@ -39,19 +39,19 @@
     <release version="1.3.1" date="Pending">
-      <action dev="martinc" type="fix" issue="39393" due-to="Takayuki Kaneko">
+      <action dev="martinc" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-89" due-to="Takayuki Kaneko">
         Fix a thread safety issue in parameter initialization.
     <release version="1.3.0" date="2006-03-24" description="see">
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="38678" due-to="bart vandendriessche">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-49" due-to="bart vandendriessche">
          ValidatorResult only contains last run dependency for the field.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="38798" due-to="Rostislav Palivoda">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-20" due-to="Rostislav Palivoda">
          Validator argument - resource="false" ignored for arg0 - arg3.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="38581" due-to="Yugandhar">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-60" due-to="Yugandhar">
          Change JavaScript validators to cater for <i>disabled</i> being 
          <i>undefined</i> (an issue in Netscape 4.7).
@@ -66,11 +66,11 @@
          <p>See <a href="apidocs/org/apache/commons/validator/routines/package-summary.html">
             Routines Package JavaDocs</a></p>
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="37704">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-30">
          Deprecate ValidatorResult's getActionMap() and add getActions()
          method to provide an Iterator of the set of action names.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="37580" due-to="Michael Rush">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-142" due-to="Michael Rush">
          Use the Dojo/Rhino JavaScript compressor to created compressed
          versions of the static JavaScript files. Additionally create single
          file distros of all the static JavaScript in un-compressed and compressed
@@ -82,33 +82,33 @@
          the likelihood of clashes with other libraries - validator still
          needs to be properly namespaced (as per Bug 38184).
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="14471">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-163">
          Change JavaScript validators so that they don't fail when the
          field is not present on the form.
         <dueto name="Andrew Berridge"/>
         <dueto name="Paul Benedict"/>
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="37962" due-to="Alan Olmanson">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-25" due-to="Alan Olmanson">
          Fix min/max length validation for different line endings.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="38051" due-to="Stephanie Codron">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-50" due-to="Stephanie Codron">
          Fix email validator to not allow spaces at the end of the user
          component or start of the domain component.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="37975" due-to="Neale">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-77" due-to="Neale">
          Added validator_1_3_0.dtd and changed form rules so that a minimum
          of one field is no longer required (i.e. changed (field+) to (field*)
          for a form).
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="37134" due-to="Philippe Mouawad">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-109" due-to="Philippe Mouawad">
          Resolve issue in JavaScript validation when the prototype library
          is used.
       <action dev="niallp" type="fix">
          Re-factor JavaScript error handling into a common method and only
          set focus on fields which are not 'hidden' type or hidden by CSS.
-        <fixes issue="21043"/> 
-        <fixes issue="32476"/>
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-97"/> 
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-81"/>
         <dueto name="Matt Bathje"/>
         <dueto name="Paul Benedict"/>
@@ -118,17 +118,17 @@
          <a href="">here</a>
          for more details.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="35926">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-39">
          Reverse change for to Credit Card Validator for visa card blue in France.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="38159" due-to="Kristian L. Petersen">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-18" due-to="Kristian L. Petersen">
          Fix JavaScript validation for Internet Explorer 5.0.
     <release version="1.2.0" date="2005-11-15" 
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="31489">
+      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-145">
         Added ISBNValidator for validating book numbers.
       <action dev="dgraham" type="update">
@@ -141,82 +141,82 @@
         (BeanUtils 1.7.0 has removed its dependency on Collections by including the
          few Collections classes required in its distribution).
-      <action dev="husted" type="add" issue="29015">
+      <action dev="husted" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-135">
         Add support for min or max numeric values.
-      <action dev="husted" type="add" issue="29151">
+      <action dev="husted" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-137">
         Allow validators to register errors for multiple fields. 
-      <action dev="husted" type="fix" issue="23990">
+      <action dev="husted" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-85">
         Fixed EmailValidator failing on valid email addresses.
-      <action dev="rleland" type="add" issue="27870">
+      <action dev="rleland" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-132">
         Allow forms to inherit validation rules from other forms.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="31194">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-166">
         Remove the need to specify an Arguement's position.
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="29815">
+      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-185">
         Deprecated all FastHashMap usage and provided protected get
         methods that return generic Maps to be used by subclasses.
       <action dev="mrdon" type="fix">
         Handling of float and double should use the locale object.
-        <fixes issue="34198"/> 
-        <fixes issue="21282"/> 
+        Fixes <a href="">21282</a>
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-124"/> 
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="update" issue="27471">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="update" issue="VALIDATOR-181">
         More informative Exception message when validation method not found.
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="15912">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-148">
         Client-side required validation inconsistent with server-side.
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="29541">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-101">
         EmailValidator allows apostrophes in domain name.
       <action dev="mrdon" type="fix">
         Changing the strategy for locating form name/id, now use a common utility
         function which works in both IE and Firefox.
-        <fixes issue="35127"/> 
-        <fixes issue="32760"/> 
+        Fixes <a href="">35127</a>
+        and <a href="">32760</a>
       <action dev="mrdon" type="fix">
         Validation fails when "name" attribute in form not specified.
-        <fixes issue="35294"/> 
-        <fixes issue="31534"/> 
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-80"/> 
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-73"/> 
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="30686">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-27">
         UrlValidator fails
       <action dev="mrdon" type="fix">
         Email: inexisting dashes and TLD erroneously accepted.
-        <fixes issue="33409"/> 
-        <fixes issue="31644"/> 
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-114"/> 
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-44"/> 
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="32351">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-1">
         Float validator can't validate the string with several dot.
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="35926">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-39">
         CreditValidator does not handle Visa correctly.
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="22384">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-32">
         datePattern not supported by JavaScript.
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="33047">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-6">
         validateRequired on a single radio button.
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="35508">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-158">
         Field.validate() cannot be invoked from user-defined code.
       <action dev="mrdon" type="fix">
         Locale validation doesn't validate all fields.
-        <fixes issue="30955"/> 
-        <fixes issue="16920"/> 
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-61"/> 
+        <fixes issue="VALIDATOR-179"/> 
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="27258">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-161">
         XML file included into validation.xml via entity reference not found.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="31094">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-117">
         Update maven build to Include DTDs and xdocs in the source distribution.
       <action dev="niallp" type="fix">
@@ -228,34 +228,34 @@
         digester rules so that the old arg0-arg3 values are not ignored for
         versions of the DTD prior to 1.2.0.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="32522">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-108">
         Add 'resource' and 'bundle' elements to the 1.2.0 DTD.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="27671">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-172">
         Provide access to the result object in ValidatorResult.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="36899">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-75">
         Validation breaks on multiple validation.xml (eg. with Struts 1.3).
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="36878">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-86">
         GenericTypeValidator does not accept negative Floats/Doubles.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="37192">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-48">
         correct UrlValidator JavaDoc.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="37310">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-3">
         Search the locale 'hierarchy' of formsets for a Form.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="37300">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-59">
          Int validation in Java and Javascript have different semantics.
-      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="37315">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-33">
          Javascript Validation currently uses unsupported DOM method getAttributeNode().
     <release version="1.1.4" date="2004-11-12" description="Minor maintenance release.">
-      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="29452">
+      <action dev="niallp" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-175">
         Added getMessage(key) and getMessages() methods to Field
       <action dev="niallp" type="add">
@@ -265,31 +265,32 @@
     <release version="1.1.3" date="2004-08-25">
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="fix" issue="28257">
+      <action dev="dgraham" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-16">
         Fixed javascript file reading in Java WebStart environment.
-      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="29532">
+      <action dev="mrdon" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-54">
         Fixed javascript email domain length limited to 2 or 3 chars.
     <release version="1.1.2 (alpha)" date="2004-04-03">
-      <action dev="rleland" type="fix" issue="27899">
+      <action dev="rleland" type="fix" issue="VALIDATOR-24">
         Javascript validation doesn't work if a form field is 
         called "name".
-      <action dev="rleland" type="update" issue="17667">
+      <action dev="rleland" type="update">
         Allow multiple forms to be on the same page by 
         generating a unique variable name based on form name.
+        Fixes <a href="">17667</a>
-      <action dev="rleland" type="add" issue="26585">
+      <action dev="rleland" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-152">
         Validate file extensions for file uploads.
-      <action dev="rleland" type="add" issue="26584">
+      <action dev="rleland" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-183">
         Add Support for hidden fields in javascript 
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="24369">
+      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="VALIDATOR-14">
         The framework will convert checked exceptions into 
         ValidatorExceptions so any ValidatorException thrown out 
         of the framework indicates a 'system' exception that 
@@ -300,7 +301,7 @@
         failure rather than a system exception to maintain backwards 
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="25869">
+      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="VALIDATOR-174">
         Added a more flexible card validation system that doesn't 
         require CreditCardValidator to support every brand of 
         credit card.

Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/xdocs/downloads.xml
--- jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/xdocs/downloads.xml (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/validator/trunk/xdocs/downloads.xml Tue May 30 07:14:36 2006
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
          <subsection name="Nightly Builds">
-               <a href="">Nightly
+               <a href="">Nightly
                are built once a day from the current SVN HEAD. This is (nearly) the latest
code and so should
                be treated with caution.

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