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Subject svn commit: r406415 - /jakarta/commons/proper/collections/trunk/xdocs/release_3_2.xml
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 20:21:05 GMT
Author: scolebourne
Date: Sun May 14 13:21:05 2006
New Revision: 406415

Documentation for v3.2

    jakarta/commons/proper/collections/trunk/xdocs/release_3_2.xml   (with props)

Added: jakarta/commons/proper/collections/trunk/xdocs/release_3_2.xml
--- jakarta/commons/proper/collections/trunk/xdocs/release_3_2.xml (added)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/collections/trunk/xdocs/release_3_2.xml Sun May 14 13:21:05 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,137 @@
+<?xml version="1.0"?>
+Copyright 2006 The Apache Software Foundation.
+Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
+you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
+You may obtain a copy of the License at
+Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+limitations under the License.
+ <properties>
+  <title>Release notes for v3.2</title>
+  <author email="">Commons Documentation Team</author>
+ </properties>
+<section name="Release notes for v3.2">
+These are the release notes for Commons Collections v3.2:
+<hr />
+Commons collections is a project to develop and maintain collection classes
+based on and inspired by the JDK collection framework.
+This project is JDK1.2 compatible, and does not use JDK1.5 generics.
+This release adds various new classes and fixes a number of bugs.
+All feedback should be directed to commons-user at
+<hr />
+This release is fully source and binary compatible with v3.1.
+(Checks performed using JDiff and Clirr, thanks).
+Please check the bug fixes to ensure you weren't relying on the behaviour of a bug.
+There are two new <i>deprecations</i>:<br />
+BeanMap is now deprecated and will be removed in v4.0.
+The class is now available in commons-beanutils (full jar version).
+This change was made to ensure that all bean related collections were in one place (ie. beanutils).
+If this causes major headaches to anyone please contact commons-dev at
+MultiHashMap is now deprecated and will be removed in v4.0.
+The class is now available as MultiValueMap in the map subpackage.
+This new version of the class is a decorator and can wrap maps other than HashMap
+making it much more flexible.
+If this causes major headaches to anyone please contact commons-dev at
+<center><h3>NEW CLASSES</h3></center>
+<li>MultiValueMap - Decorator implementation of MultiMap providing control over the
map and collection implementations, updated MapUtils to match [29440]</li>
+<li>DefaultedMap - Returns a default value when the key is not found, without adding
the default value to the map itself [30911]</li>
+<li>GrowthList - Decorator that causes set and indexed add to expand the list rather
than throw IndexOutOfBoundsException [34171]</li>
+<li>LoopingListIterator - When the end of the list is reached the iteration continues
from the start, updated IteratorUtils to match [30166]</li>
+<li>ReverseListIterator - A list iterator that returns the elements from the list in
reverse order [39224]</li>
+<li>BoundedBuffer - A new wrapper class which can make any buffer bounded, updated
BufferUtils to match [37473]</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils.addIgnoreNull - Adds to the collection if the value being added
is not null [30020]</li>
+<li>MapUtils.putAll - Puts an array of key/value pairs into a map [30882]</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils/MapUtils.isEmpty/isNotEmpty - Null-safe checks of collection emptyness
+<li>CollectionUtils.sizeIsEmpty - Checks if a collection, array, map, iterator or enumeration
is empty</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils/ListUtils - retainAll/removeAll that don't change original colllection</li>
+<li>ExtendedProperties - Accepts List elements (does not enforce Vector) as values
+<li>ExtendedProperties - new Methods getList(String key) and getList(String key, List
defaults) [36812]</li>
+<li>ExtendedProperties - No longer uses an exception in normal processing [30497]</li>
+<li>BlockingBuffer - now includes stack trace if InterupttedException occurs [33700]</li>
+<li>BlockingBuffer - new methods that allow get and remove with a timeout, updated
BufferUtils to match [27691]</li>
+<li>BlockingBuffer - now allows you to specify a default timeout value for get/remove
operations [37607]</li>
+<li>TransformedMap/TransformedSortedMap - new factory decorateTransform() that transforms
any existing entries in the map [30959]</li>
+<li>ListOrderedMap - values can now be accessed as a List using valueList() [37015]</li>
+<li>ListOrderedMap - additional list-like method, setValue(int,Object)</li>
+<li>ListOrderedMap - additional method, put(int,Object,Object)</li>
+<li>PriorityBuffer - now Serializable [36163]</li>
+<li>ListIteratorWrapper - now implements ResettableListIterator [39449]</li>
+<li>IfClosure - add single argument constructor, updated CllosureUtils to match [38495]</li>
+<li>All/Any/One/None Predicate - allow construction with zero or one predicates [37979]</li>
+<center><h3>BUG FIXES</h3></center>
+<li>FastArrayList - Fix iterators and views to work better in multithreaded environments</li>
+<li>FastArrayList - Fix iterator remove where ConcurrentModificationException not as
expected [34690]</li>
+<li>CursorableLinkedList (list subpackage) - Fix iterator remove/set not throwing IllegalStateException
after next-previous-removeByIndex [35766]</li>
+<li>TreeList/CursorableLinkedList/NodeCachingLinkedList/AbstractLinkedList - Fix iterator
remove not working properly when called after previous [35258]</li>
+<li>TreeList - remove(int) could break class invariants, breaking iterator previous
+<li>SetUniqueList.set(int,Object) - Destroyed set status in certain circumstances [33294]</li>
+<li>AbstractLinkedMap.init() - Now calls createEntry() to create the map entry object
+<li>AbstractHashedMap deserialization - Fix to prevent doubling of internal data array
+<li>AbstractHashedMap initialization - Fix to setup threshold correctly, improving
performance [35012]</li>
+<li>BeanMap.initialize() - Internal variable now correctly initialised with only write
methods that actually exist [15895]</li>
+<li>MultiHashMap.remove(key, item) - Was returning the item even when nothing was removed
+<li>MultiHashMap.putAll(multimap) - Was adding the collection as a single item rather
than individually [35631]</li>
+<li>MultiHashMap - Enable compilation using J#</li>
+<li>Flat3Map.equals() - Fix to make flat mode comparison actually work [34917]</li>
+<li>TransformedMap.putAll - Now allows putAll of an empty map [34686]</li>
+<li>StaticBucketMap.containsKey - Fix incorrect null checking [37567]</li>
+<li>AbstractMapBag.BagIterator.remove - Removing the last entry used to break the class
invariants [35747]</li>
+<li>BoundedFifoBuffer/CircularFifoBuffer - Fix serialization to work in case where
buffer serialized when full [31433]</li>
+<li>BoundedFifoBuffer - Fix iterator remove bug causing ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error
+<li>UnboundedFifoBuffer - Fix iterator remove bug causing ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error
+<li>UnboundedFifoBuffer - Fix deserialization to work with subsequant object manipulation
+<li>BlockingBuffer - Fix internal locking code (internal fix, no effect on users of
BlockingBuffer) [37028]</li>
+<li>IteratorChain.remove() - Fix to avoid IllegalStateException when one of the underlying
iterators is a FilterIterator [34267]</li>
+<li>FilterIterator - Correctly handle setting of iterator and predicate after object
creation [38074]</li>
+<li>ExtendedProperties.convertProperties() - Fix to handle default properties maps
correctly [32204]</li>
+<li>Add casts to avoid some JDK1.5 compilation warnings [35474]</li>
+<li>Make serialization version ids private [37106]</li>
+<li>MapUtils.safeAddToMap - Better comment</li>
+<li>MapUtils.transformed*Map - Better comment</li>
+<li>ListOrderedSet.decorate(List) - Better comment [32073]</li>
+<li>BlockingBuffer - Add comments</li>
+<li>Maps - synchronization comments [32573]</li>
+<li>SwitchTransformer - defaultTransformer comment fix [39207]</li>

Propchange: jakarta/commons/proper/collections/trunk/xdocs/release_3_2.xml
    svn:eol-style = native

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