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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject [collections] 3.2 RC1 feedback
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 10:19:41 GMT

There doesn't seem to be an svn tag for this RC1 release. I'm presuming
nothing has changed on trunk since this RC was created.

MultiValueMap was supposedly added in the 3.2 release, but has a
copyright statement listing 2001-2005.

Javadoc for GrowthList:
  "seemlessly grow" --> "seamlessly grow"
  "invalid inde" --> "invalid index"
and a suggestion:
  "could easily be used together" --> "can be used together"

The ReverseListIterator class doesn't have an @since annotation.

The javadoc for the BoundedBuffer class looks a bit rough. There are
some visual problems, and more importantly documentation on the timeout
behaviour seems a little lacking.

What do the release notes mean by "Transformed*Map". Is this just
TransformedMap and TransformedSortedMap?

The PriorityBuffer javadocs should perhaps note that the class was made
Serializable in release 3.2.

Class ListIteratorWrapper should perhaps note that it implements
ResettableListIterator since 3.2.

What does this mean in the release notes?
All/Any/One/None Predicate - allow construction with zero or one
predicates [37979]
I can't see any info in the javadocs for this class that suggest any
changes here.

Trivial notes:
Javadoc for ExtendedProperties:
  "appended like if" --> "appended as if"

Otherwise, docs and design all looks really nice. New features are
nicely described, and the APIs seem clean. These are some interesting
new features.

I would like to see the major points above addressed, but don't think
anything here requires a new release candidate.

If a clirr report shows that there are no backwards-compatibility issues
then I'd be happy to vote +1. Unfortunately I don't have time to do that
check tonight, so if you need my vote it will have to be in about 24
hours from now...



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