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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [RESULT][VOTE] Promote SCXML to Proper
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 22:56:13 GMT
Since I'm resending and copying the PMC, I'm also changing Hen's VOTE
from a +0 to a +1 as he has indicated on commons-dev.

This VOTE has passed, [scxml] has been promoted to proper.

Summary: 7 binding +1s, no -1s (see details for +/-0s).


Robert Burrell Donkin
Phil Steitz
Dion Gillard
Jörg Schaible (non-binding)
Niall Pemberton
Craig McClanahan
Martin van den Bemt
Henri Yandell

Stephen Colebourne
Sandy McArthur (non-binding)

No -1s.

Other comments:

1) Note that mvdb's -1 from the last VOTE on this topic has now changed to a +1.

2) {scolebourne,rdonkin,sandymac,ebourg} expressed interest in
changing the component name, suggestions included "state",
"statechart" and "StateChartXML". I'll start a new thread to
articulate my views on this.

Thanks to everyone who voted.


On 4/8/06, Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:

- Hide quoted text -
> I propose, for the second time, that we move [scxml] to Commons
> Proper. As a quick reminder, the first vote [1] called three months
> ago was -1'ed for lack of developer support.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> [ ] +1 Move [scxml] to Commons Proper
> [ ] +0 I am fine with this move
> [ ] -0 I am not too keen, because ...
> [ ] -1 I am against this move, because ...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> This VOTE will remain open for a minimum of 72 hours.
> Why this proposal? Some data points, in no particular order (worth
> stressing that sentences prefixed by IMO are my opinions):
>  * Repository-wise, [scxml] remains the most active component in the
> Commons sandbox. Most activity is building in new features, rather
> than iterating over any existing core (see commit messages in dev
> archives).
>  * [scxml] is the most active sandbox component on the user list. Many
> users are keen on using it, reminders about the sandbox status of the
> component are handed out frequently (see user list archives). User
> demand has driven many of the latest changes to the code.
>  * IMO, there is enough interest in the concept amongst Commons
> developers (see CommonsPeople wiki page). The code has been looked at
> critically by more than one Commons developers (see Tim's bugathon in
> BZ).
>  * A [scxml] release will pave the way for a RDC 1.1 (its "parent"
> project) which is overdue in Taglibs, and already incorporates a
> SCXML-based dialog management strategy. IMO, [scxml] can add value to
> other projects within the ASF. Outside projects have also shown
> interest in using Commons SCXML as well (see this reference [2] in
> Eclipse land).
>  * IMO, [scxml] brings in new ideas and people to Commons, and in the
> long run, its existence may also prove beneficial to its upstream
> Commons components such as JEXL.
> -Rahul
> [1]
> [2]

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