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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject [VOTE] Promote SCXML to Proper
Date Sat, 08 Apr 2006 21:45:39 GMT
I propose, for the second time, that we move [scxml] to Commons
Proper. As a quick reminder, the first vote [1] called three months
ago was -1'ed for lack of developer support.

[ ] +1 Move [scxml] to Commons Proper
[ ] +0 I am fine with this move
[ ] -0 I am not too keen, because ...
[ ] -1 I am against this move, because ...

This VOTE will remain open for a minimum of 72 hours.

Why this proposal? Some data points, in no particular order (worth
stressing that sentences prefixed by IMO are my opinions):

 * Repository-wise, [scxml] remains the most active component in the
Commons sandbox. Most activity is building in new features, rather
than iterating over any existing core (see commit messages in dev

 * [scxml] is the most active sandbox component on the user list. Many
users are keen on using it, reminders about the sandbox status of the
component are handed out frequently (see user list archives). User
demand has driven many of the latest changes to the code.

 * IMO, there is enough interest in the concept amongst Commons
developers (see CommonsPeople wiki page). The code has been looked at
critically by more than one Commons developers (see Tim's bugathon in

 * A [scxml] release will pave the way for a RDC 1.1 (its "parent"
project) which is overdue in Taglibs, and already incorporates a
SCXML-based dialog management strategy. IMO, [scxml] can add value to
other projects within the ASF. Outside projects have also shown
interest in using Commons SCXML as well (see this reference [2] in
Eclipse land).

 * IMO, [scxml] brings in new ideas and people to Commons, and in the
long run, its existence may also prove beneficial to its upstream
Commons components such as JEXL.



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