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From "C. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: [compress] Moving forward...
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 08:32:03 GMT
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> Brett said that it provides an archive bridging API, so I was
> wondering how that part of the Plexus one compared to your work Chris.
> I presume their one is tried and tested in Maven 2, so that's a pro
> for pulling it over into the Commons component and enhancing it.

The archiver bridging api isn't to complex and is quite similar to what
i wrote, but there are some "problems":
Plexus isn't documented. The difference between archiver and compressor
isn't clear enough, imho. There are some things i like, some i don't. I
really would like to go ahead with what i wrote till now, and merge just
single methods/functionallity we really need into compress.

Enhancing plexus would mean, that i refactor plexus to what i wrote by
now. That plexus is tested is really a plus, but after checking out the
code brought up a lot of compile errors, missing references etc., so...
I would like to keep a clean base.

In short: i would like to keep the new, clean, documented build bridge,
and enhance it with plexus features after it's stable.

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