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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Promote SCXML to Proper
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 22:08:29 GMT
Oh, this is a tough one...

[scxml] has user interest, what looks like a good codebase, excellent 
documentation. The problem is that it really doesn't quite seem to 
belong in commons. But equally it doesn't really belong obviously 
anywhere else at the moment*

Three specific things:
- the name - commons-state or commons-statechart reads better to me than 

- library-ness - if this were a library that assisted with state 
handling, with an optional ability to read from the scxml format, then 
that might fit better with a commons library style component

- number of packages - [scxml] already has 10 packages (I know there's 
not much in many, but the concepts exist). I think this could be 
considered a warning sign (in the same way that a facination with the 
Apache brand is a warning sign for the incubator). IMHO, the better 
commons components are those with few packages. Perhaps, this is really 
more of a scope expansion warning.

My vote has to be -0.


*This vote is also linked in my mind with the ongoing discussions about 
jakarta's future. If the difference between commons-level and 
jakarta-level disappears then new scopes will appear within jakarta and 
scxml will probably find a home more easily.

>>[ ] +1 Move [scxml] to Commons Proper
>>[ ] +0 I am fine with this move
>>[X] -0 I am not too keen, because ...
>>[ ] -1 I am against this move, because ...

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