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From "C. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: [compress] Interface is ready
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:27:33 GMT
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Hello Sandy,

thousand thanks for your comments and the time you have spent for this.
I will work through this all and prepare another draft soon.

Thank you very much,

> The following is a stream of things I don't think are right in the
> order I observe them while skimming the code. I've never used the
> compress code so excuse any suggestions that miss the point.
> * Archiver: too many overloaded methods. Especially with setters.
> Having setFoo(File) and setFoo(String) will breaks the JavaBean
> property conventions and could cause problems with scripting tools. If
> you're going to do something like this then use different names eg:
> setDestinationFile(File) and setDestinationFilename(String) and let
> the latter be a virtual property that really just creates a new File
> and calls setDestinationFile(File).
> * Archive: doesn't do much, only contains one static method:
> getInstnace(ArchiverType). Because it's static you cannot subclass it
> so there is no way to extend it's behavior for when someone else want
> to implement CabArchiver. The type-safe enum example I gave in the
> other email makes this class unnecessary.
> * ArchiveType/CompressorType: make them type safe enums. Actually I
> think it's a mistake to distinguish between Archive types and
> Compression types. Making them separate you have one library that does
> two things and I think you should treat them as one thing and do that
> one thing well or have two libs that each do one thing.
> * TarConstants: is package scoped and, with the exception of one line
> in TarOutputStream, is only used by TarEntry. It looks to me the logic
> in TarOutputStream that uses TarConstansts could be easily pushed into
> TarEnrty and then the constants in TarConstants should be moved to
> where they are used.
> * TarInputStream: skimming it I don't it. It looks like it's taking
> the InputStream concept and corrupting it with the notion of many
> separate streams for each file in one stream. This is confusing
> because it doesn't fit the expectations of an InputStream. IMO it
> should be it's something similar to an Iterator that takes a raw
> InputStream and provides a way to get at metadata sequentially from
> the raw InputStream. From the meta data you should be able to get an
> InputStream which is just for that file in the archive.
> * TarOutputStream: Same problem as TarInputStream but with an
> OutputStream. Because TarOutputStream subclasses OutputStream it makes
> write methods available. But using these methods are dangerous because
> if you write a different number of bytes than what was passed when
> putNextEntry(TarEntry) was called you corrupt the archive. A good API
> doesn't let the programmer make mistakes. I'd change this to be it's
> own object type that accepts TarEntrys with all the needed to add a
> file in one step that either succeeds or fails.
> * TarInputStream/TarOutputStream: I don't see why these classes should
> be public. Making them package private would make me care less what
> they are because they aren't part of the public API and can be changed
> at will.
> * ZipLong, ZipShort: these are both public, and I don't see why they
> need to be. They are only used inside the package with the exception
> of 3 places ZipShort is used as a parameter type in a public method. I
> don't see why those ZipShorts cannot be converted to shorts for the
> public API and both of them made package private.
> * ZipOutputStream: has the same problems as TarOutputStream.
> * every class in this package is public, I
> don't think they all need to be.
> * compress.compressors.bzip2: This package seems fine. I don't get why
> CBZip2InputStream and CBZip2OutputStream start with the letter "C"
> though.
> * compress.exceptions: I don't get why the exceptions are segregated
> to their own package. Javadoc already keeps them separated so there
> isn't a need to put them in their own package. I'd put them in the
> compress package or a package closer to where they are used.
> --
> Sandy McArthur
> "He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
> - Thomas Paine
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