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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: [all] Jira?
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 15:39:46 GMT
On 4/25/06, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> Hi!
> > I know Jelly are on Jira already, and Struts have just moved over to
> > Jira. Wondering what the view is nowadays on Commons moving to Jira?
> >
> I am -1 on moving to jira.

Reason for mentioning Struts above was that I remembered that one of
the -ve votes a few years ago on moving to Jira was from Martin and I
thought some other Struts guys; thus the email to see if the consensus
had moved.

I'm +1 in favour of Jira, but not religious about it.

> I dont understand why we - the open source developers and our users -
> should help testing a commercial application.

This is a common reason to not use Jira. From an ASF point of view,
it's a bit weak I think. The ASF encourages companies to build
commercial products on top of open-source software so using things
like Jira is kind-of using our own dog-food.

If Atlassin just offered Apache a licence, then it would be the kind
of thing that we wouldnt accept. However if they offer it to everyone,
then it's much the same kind of thing we push for at the JCP -
open-source projects shouldn't be locked out due to lack of money.

> Also I dont understand whats the great benefit for us - compared to
> bugzilla - that we act as a marketing plattform for jira.

Major advantages of Jira:

* Project based administration - rather than central administration.
* Visualization is much better - release management really shouldn't
be maintaining a list of issues in wiki, it should be handled in the
issue tracker. Well, you think it should after doing things in Jira
anyway :)
* Search sharing.

There are probably other ones for other people, but for me I think it
improves the speed in which we can identify open issues, which
versions they're for etc. I'm getting better with Bugzilla now, but it
still feel clunky.

> Sorry if I completely missed the point. Do not hesitate to correct me.

Nope, you got the point. Just me wondering if consensus had moved to
Jira now that Struts (well Martin was the one I was IMing) are Jira


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