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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject [lang] Thoughts on lang.text
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 06:38:27 GMT
4 classes:

* StrBuilder
* StrMatcher
* StrTokenizer
* VariableFormatter

StrBuilder and StrTokenizer make immediate sense. StrMatcher less so,
I'm not sure when I'd use it etc, so code examples in the javadoc
might be useful.

VariableFormatter is a good class to have I think - it's a common need
and I like the description in the javadoc - but I'm a little unsure
about the interface. My gut feels that it's a bit too much. We should
be offering a basic service but not encouraging things to grow into
template languages, and especially not spawning a series of
alternative implementations.

Kudos on the high level of unit test coverage - cobertura suggests 98%
for the text package.

Please disregard my "should lang.text go in 2.2/3.0?" in the previous
email. It looks good.


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