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From "Thomas Dudziak" <>
Subject Re: Jira id naming convention for Jakarta projects; WAS Re: [all] Jira?
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 15:48:04 GMT
On 4/28/06, Henri Yandell <> wrote:

> I don't think it's important to have a scheme - it's just a project id
> that is used in such a way that users are aware of it. HCO,  HTCO,
> JHTC. Doesn't matter and I agree with the Atlassian advice on it being
> a 3 or 4 letter code.
> So:
> IO
> CODX (though tempting to go with 5 letters when it fits, CODEC etc)
> etc.
> Dunno if that matches with the infra@ view. Having something with 11
> letters is a pain in the arse given that the only time I ever find
> myself using the id is: a) to discuss something outside of Jira and b)
> to enter into the find box in the top right.

I rarely if at all use the project names so for me at least their size
wouldn't matter. Besides, given the amount of projects at Jakarta, a
limitation of 3 or 4 makes it very hard to define meaningful names.
Not to mention that something like IO or LANG is quite generic - if
there would be projects that provide similar functionality in Perl or
C# then we would run into trouble (IO2, LANG2 ?). At least they could
be prefixed like this:


etc., or something similar.


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