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From "Rory Winston" <>
Subject Re: [all] Jira?
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:23:39 GMT
I use to be +0 in regards to Jira migration, but I've read some convincing arguments, so I'm
now firmly +1 in favour. I think the roadmap feature is almost worth migrating for alone.


"Jakarta Commons Developers List" <> wrote:

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> James Carman wrote:
> > I'm +1.  JIRA is much more user friendly and intuitive, IMHO.  
> I like JIRA too. I have reported a lot of bugs for other OS projects
> using JIRA, cause it's intuitive. As i saw the commons bugzilla
> instance first time i was really afraid. Meanwhile i have learned how
> to find what i want, but i can't say i really like this ugly thing.
> For this religious things: there is a free license and commons could
> benefit from a switch (and if only if guys like me report more bugs
> ;-)). If they sell it expensive for enterprises- ok, i have sold commons
> components too (as part of my applications). As long as they do not
> decide to roll back this free license i don't care.
> Chris.
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