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From "James Carman" <>
Subject RE: [all] Maven2/RMIC?
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 00:03:06 GMT
I need to run the RMIC compiler after the test classes are compiled, but
there is no (not yet at least) process-test-classes phase.  Has anyone been
able to RMIC compile a test class?

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From: [] On Behalf Of Carlos
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 8:39 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: [all] Maven2/RMIC?

This works for me. A known issue it's that it won't work under Mac as
the jdk tools doesn't exist, but I believe it's only needed when

                <echo>Running rmic</echo>
                <rmic base="${}/classes"
                <rmic base="${}/classes"
                  <classpath refid="maven.compile.classpath"/>

On 3/13/06, James Carman <> wrote:
> All,
> Has anyone got RMIC to work using Maven2?  Jakarta Commons Proxy's test
> cases need to generate RMIC stubs, but I can't get it working.  It keeps
> complaining about either JAVA_HOME or CLASSPATH issues.  There are
> complaints out there on the forums about it, but I didn't really see a
> work-around.  Here's the relevant part of the pom.xml file:
> <plugins>
>   <plugin>
>     <artifactId>maven-antrun-plugin</artifactId>
>     <executions>
>       <execution>
>         <id>generate-rmic-stubs</id>
>         <phase>test-compile</phase>
>         <configuration>
>           <tasks>
>             <property environment="env"/>
>             <path id="rmic.classpath">
>               <fileset dir="${java.home}/lib">
>                 <include name="tools.jar"/>
>               </fileset>
>             </path>
>             <mkdir dir="target/test-classes"/>
>             <rmic base="target/test-classes"
> classpathref="rmic.classpath"/>
>           </tasks>
>         </configuration>
>         <goals>
>           <goal>run</goal>
>         </goals>
>       </execution>
>     </executions>
>   </plugin>
> </plugins>
> James
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