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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [OT] Taglibs (was Re: [feedparser] News / Status)
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 04:33:02 GMT
On 3/2/06, Henri Yandell <> wrote:
> On 3/2/06, Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:
> >
> > They're all just waiting for your "Silk" promise Martin ;-)
> Did you see my recent post to general@ on that?

Yes. Let me know if I can help any, I was planning on volunteering a
few cycles here and there, if needed. I can also help migrate the most
active Taglibs when the time is right.

> I've given up trying to understand if anyone has a clue on trademarks
> and think we should just call it Jakarta Web Components (to match
> Jakarta Http Components) and get on with moving things into it.

I just tuned myself out of that debate ;-) Revisiting the vote, I see
that ggregory, imario and myself voted for web components in the first
place. At this time, whatever name helps us move forward sounds good
to me.

Now what exactly do we need to do to make progress here (sorry, I
don't have a clear understanding of the process)? If you have a todo
list, we can get cranking on it.


> Hen

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