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From Kevin Ross <>
Subject Proposal: Commons for .NET (dotnet)
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 19:25:18 GMT
I find myself in the C# world these days, at a tremendous loss to the
libraries I am used to in the java world (not to mention some drastic
cultural changes), namely commons-* and my other open projects which are
very dependent on commons.  
I found some people who put some effort into something called
Dotnet.Commons, but to my displeasure, they were fairly minimal
implementations, converted only some of the apache code, yanked out all
comments regarding source implementation details and authors, deleted unit
tests, and THEY STUCK LGPL on the code.  Those things together led me to
dismiss the projects as viable. 
I have attempted to bring most dependencies that directly impact me into one
workspace (solution), and run the Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA)
on all the code.  This includes not only my projects, but the following
commons projects:
This is not to say that this code all compiles, on the contrary, it is
converted to C#, and some code compiles.  I am only picking off one file at
a time as necessary for me to complete my projects (i.e. incrementalism).
At this time, only commons-logging (or commons-net-logging as I've called
it) works fully over log4net.  One thing I have continued to do, is where I
find opportunities to search/replace on patterns, I do it globally.  This
has accelerated the conversion of unit tests to NUnit in particular.
What I am looking for is a place to share my work with others and
stimulating the use of open source in the .NET (dotnet) world, while
sticking to the core principles that have made jakarta-commons so
successful.  I am a committer with Apache for the Xindice project, though I
haven't been active for some time.  I hope this might ease the acceptance of
this code for the potenial community gain.  
Nontheless, this is something that needs to happen.  Is there interest in
this from others?  I cannot single-handedly do this, but I can contribute
and I would like to help chip away at this codebase that has been so
important to us in the java community.  Apache's adoption of these projects
can make them successful.
-Kevin Ross


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