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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL][all] Break dependency on commons-build
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 18:55:26 GMT
I am +1 on the style stuff.  By all means, lets get rid of
commons-site.jsl.  If you personally are OK with the l&f that you can
get, this will probably be fine, since IIRC, you were the one with
reservations in the past on just using the maven classic syle.  That
will get rid of the xdoc 1.9.2 requirement.  Can you post an example?

The menus is giving me a little hesitation, though I want to support
the completely independent builds objective.  Maybe we can just agree
to duplicate the basic stuff into the individual navs. The things that
I would personally not like to see go are  the "About us..." at the
top and "General Information" bits.  Maybe there is a more clever way
(other than moving to m2 ;-) to get the necessary files assembled at
build time.  In the past, I thought about playing with the scm plugin
to update duplicate local copies, but never did this, because I
thought a cleaner solution should be possible.  The nav dependency is
also the reason that maven 1.1 does not work at present.


On 3/11/06, Stephen Colebourne <> wrote:
> At the moment, each project depends on commons-build:
> - maven.css - single commons css
> - commons-site.jsl - single commons style
> - menus.dtd - shared menu components
> As the recent IO release has shown, this dependency isn't great when
> releasing.
> I propose we remove the css dependency as follows:
> 1) Add the following one line project.css to each project:
> @import url("");
> 2) Upload jakarta.css to this location (I've created a suitable one)
> which contains our colours and designs (eg. blue headers)
> Each page in commons will then use the maven-base and maven-theme css
> files as per default maven. The jakarta.css file then overrides these as
> needed. Thus most users will see no change.
> If the user is running a copy of the website on their own box and they
> are offline, then the standard maven colours and design will be used
> (eg. grey and red headers).
> If we want to update all commons websites, we just update jakarta.css.
> I propose we remove the menus.dtd dependency by just removing it. Users
> will just have to click a couple more links to move between components.
> IMHO, the simplicity of the resulting design overrides the loss of
> functionality.
> Stephen
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