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Subject Re: [VFS] handling of broken links
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 07:01:44 GMT
> Hi!
>> Anybody any ideas of how to resolve this ? I'm guessing that
>> it should either be a FileType.LINK or a regular FileType.FILE
>> and that exists() should return true, but that when accessing
>> the content an exception needs to be thrown.
> Sometimes I think VFS still do a little bit too much on its own logic.
> What if we keep the current behaviour but access the filesystem layer
> even if the file is not existent? (From VFSs point of view).
> Hmmm ... or your FileType.LINK ... I am not sure.

I think the FileType.LINK is probably opening a can of worms..
Probably accessing FS anyways is not a bad idea (I'm guessing
that that is what File does as well).

> What FS do you use?

the link problem is just on a regular local filesystem (but in general
I'm using primarity local, ftp, and sftp).

- Filip

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