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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Problems...
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 12:34:34 GMT
> Yes we have many, many problems.
> Site
> Is this really our top priority? Is maven 2 helping here? Is maven  
> 1? I have a distinct memory that commons was used as a practice  
> ground pre maven-1 to test maven's functionality in a real  
> deployment. Are we about to subject ourselves to this again?

IMO we have way too many builds per developers in commons
for any experiments. The transition has to be smooth
otherwise it will end up in a loooong ongoing pain.

So I am with Brett - let's make sure the pre-requisites
are met before we try to move all and everything over.

...but I think we should.

> Inactivity
> Dormant has helped clarify the position. But are we willing to kick  
> [beanutils] and [dbcp] into dormant? Since all user requests and  
> bugs seem to have been ignored for many months, surely they are  
> dormant? I await the screams from the wider community...

Well ...but that's the thing - only if someone screams
we might get some help.

> CI
> How does another thing to worry about help us. Why not focus on Gump?

The only thing about Gump is that the response time
until you get the a notification is quite slow.

It would be nice to have continium running that will
nag you just a few minutes after your commit.

...but that's just a nice to have IMO.

> Commons as the solution
> We're not. We're barely holding our head above water.

Unfortunately you are right :-/

> My analysis is that its time for a bit more radical surgery. And I  
> mean splitting commons into smaller communities. Jakarta Xxx  
> Components sets the naming pattern. If we do this, then each new  
> group will be small enough to be able to take decisions by itself,  
> for example on the site.

It will help to reduce the signal-noise-ratio
...but what else to you expect to change?

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