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From Rory Winston <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Commons for .NET (dotnet)
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 22:23:53 GMT
I think its a great idea, if there is the demand and support there for 
it. Robert is right in that Jakarta is quite Java-centric, but I have 
noticed that Apache as a whole is  becoming rather more diverse lately. 
So even if you can't find a home at Jakarta, you may be able to drum up 
support for for entry into Apache incubation.

And PS I agree, the DotNet Commons stuff is pretty unimpressive.


robert burrell donkin wrote:
> hi kevin
> On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 13:25 -0600, Kevin Ross wrote:
>> I find myself in the C# world these days, at a tremendous loss to the
>> libraries I am used to in the java world (not to mention some drastic
>> cultural changes), namely commons-* and my other open projects which are
>> very dependent on commons.  
>> I found some people who put some effort into something called
>> Dotnet.Commons, but to my displeasure, they were fairly minimal
>> implementations, converted only some of the apache code, yanked out all
>> comments regarding source implementation details and authors, deleted unit
>> tests, and THEY STUCK LGPL on the code.  Those things together led me to
>> dismiss the projects as viable. 
> <snip>
>> What I am looking for is a place to share my work with others and
>> stimulating the use of open source in the .NET (dotnet) world, while
>> sticking to the core principles that have made jakarta-commons so
>> successful.  I am a committer with Apache for the Xindice project, though I
>> haven't been active for some time.  I hope this might ease the acceptance of
>> this code for the potenial community gain.
> in some ways, yes. if you are still a committer then you should be able
> to subscribe lists (such as community) where you might be able to
> contact other apache dot net'ers. in others, no.
> jakarta's charter is tied to the java language. IMHO the board is very
> unlikely to make the same mistake again (language independent groupings
> are preferred). this means that we cannot accept dot net code here
> (which is one reason why jakarta is gradually deconstructing itself). 
> the board formed a commons project at apache a few years ago. they had
> it in mind that commons components might decide to move from jakarta to
> commons and new committers might be interested in cross language ports.
> it didn't work out that way and the commons project was closed. a lot of
> energy was invested in that effort and it is likely to take a lot of
> energy to persuade people to give something like that a second chance.
> so, sadly i'm not hope that there is much chance (at the moment) of a
> dot net port finding a home here at jakarta.
>> Nontheless, this is something that needs to happen.  Is there interest in
>> this from others?  
> i'm not sure that there are many dot net'ers here (hopefully some folks
> will jump in here and prove me wrong ;)
>> I cannot single-handedly do this, but I can contribute
>> and I would like to help chip away at this codebase that has been so
>> important to us in the java community.  Apache's adoption of these projects
>> can make them successful.
> apache has changed fast in the last few years: evolving in an attempt to
> scale. now new code bases need to come in through the incubator. it's
> worth posting a proposal there. it's more language agnostic. 
> but don't be too disappointed if the reaction is more or less: come back
> once you have bootstrapped a community. i know that this is the most
> difficult part of the process but react positively and try to get as
> many community building tips as possible from the folks on list. it's
> just possible that you might be able to pick up a developer or two as
> well.
> it's definitely possible for this project like this to succeed without
> the apache brand and i agree it's worthwhile too. IMHO you probably need
> as much energy and knowledge to successfully bootstrap a project within
> or without apache. one good resource is use a
> blog to promote your project. release often. it takes time to establish
> a new project and gain momentum so don't worry if you're plowing a
> lonely furrow in the early days. invest time encouraging people to get
> involved in your community. spend a few dollars buying a .org domain
> (there are cheap now). if you host at sorceforge use subversion 'cos
> it's great.
> it sounds as though you're keen on the sort of open development we
> promote here at apache. cool :) you should find quite a bit of
> information on the foundation ( and
> and the incubator
> ( site which may well help.
> i consider this topic on topic so (unless others shoot me down) feel
> free to discuss here, ask for advice or release announcements. might
> want to prefix future subjects with [.NET] tag so that people who aren't
> interested can filter.
> a fair wind for your sails :)
> - robert
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