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From Chris Black <>
Subject [codec] crypto-compat BigInt patch, no feedback for one month
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:48:12 GMT
Over a month ago I submitted a proposed patch to commons-codec to add 
crypto-compatible BigInteger encoding support to Base64 (bugzilla 
#38657). I have not received any feedback on this patch so far and 
realize it may not be a priority for others, but I was wondering if 
there was anything else I could do to get a committer to consider this 
patch. Or perhaps guidance on what I may be doing wrong in terms of the 
development/communication process.

 From the description in bugzilla:
There are crypto standards that require large integers for keys to be 
encoded in
base64 with some special caveats (no sign bit, padding, etc). One of the
standards that requires this is the w3c's XML-Signature standard. This patch
adds this support along with junit tests. This code is taken from the 
Apache XML
Security project's own Base64 class and changed to be more readable and add
junit tests.

Thanks in advance,

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