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From "Brian K. Wallace" <>
Subject Re: Blatant self promotion of blog
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 08:13:14 GMT
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Henri -

  I like the "overview" - especially the separation of "New", "Notable"
and (my favorite) "Summary". It does give a quick 'overview'. As is I'd
probably prefer organization by component vs. issue number order, but
that's just me.

  However... ;-)

  I think your direction of a blog-type format at apache for committers
to post to would be a definite plus for this type of thing. Not sure I'd
go the 'blog' route, but I definitely wouldn't go Wiki-style, either.
(so what is left? :-/) This would allow the "more comments on an issue
makes it 'Notable'" theory to prevail vs. someone deciding it was
"Notable" to them. How the "Summary" would come about would be an
interesting point to ponder, tho'.

  All in all, it would be great if you're just looking at a few things -
but all of commons? Wow. That'd be... interesting. (hence my "not a
Wiki-style" view)

  And as a side question: With the "apache-way" of mailing lists,
wouldn't this be pseudo-circumventing that? (Not that I minimize the
benefit of 'summaries'/'roll-ups', just seems like duplicitous entry
which most people don't favor) And going the 'sounds good' route, it
almost seems like a "roll-up" would be more appropriately published to a
'list' somewhere as well. (Almost like the "Commons Bug Report" - but not.)

  My $0.01 ;-) (and thanks for sharing :-))


Henri Yandell wrote:
> Wanted to mention something I've been doing this week on my blog:
> Each morning at work I sit down and go over the new and modified
> issues in a collection of open source projects - mostly looking for
> security issues, but also just generally following what's going on,
> especially in legacy releases which tend to be the ones we're
> supporting.
> So I thought that it might be interesting to do the same kind of thing
> each evening for all of Commons. It's not a full summary of what's
> going on (I'd need to be summarising the mailing list too for that),
> but it does seem like a useful thing (to me).
> Value it adds
> * Way for -users of Commons components to follow -dev without having
> to keep up with the email.
> * Definitely helps me as a -dev get a good feel for what's going on. I
> tend not to read the bugzilla emails as they come in.
> * Minor things like making sure the [foo] is at the front can be dealt
> with for new issues.
> Very interested in knowing whether people think it's of worth.
> Especially in the long term - say we had a project blog at
> that committers could post things like this to. Also interested in
> whether it looks to be more useful for users or developers.
> Sorry for the blog advertising; hopefully it was enough on-topic :)
> Hen
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