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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [csv] csv writer..
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 14:16:02 GMT
Sorry for the very late reaction, I am trying to catch up with everything atm....
See inline..

Stefan Rufer wrote:
> Sometimes one has to knock twice :-)
> Basically I think it's a fine idea to have a csv writer with fixed width 
> / separators configurable!
> Additionally, my thoughts about the code:
> IMO it's desirable to integrate CSVWriter and CSVPrinter - already the 
> names state that they do very similar things and escaping/setting 
> delimiters and so on is coded twice. Either use inheritance to extend 
> CSVPrinter or (maybe even better) a delegation approach to add the 
> additional functionality. For exaample methods like 
> CSVPrinter.println(String[]) could be used to print in the fixed order 
> given in the input array (with padding according to the config) and 
> CSVWriter.writeRecord(Map) would only delegate to the CSVPrinter.

I agree it needs integrating, but since the code in there is (at least in my view) pretty
the extra time involved in integrating and not knowing for sure if someone depended on the
code that 
was in there, I chose to add a seperate package..

There was also talk about adding dependencies to speed up things (by Henri if I remember correctly),

but I would like to focus on a good API and later make things better..

> Then having a CSVConfig to set the different parameters looks good - 
> especially with the load of parameters that are available. That's a 
> thing the CSVPrinter could use as well.

CSVConfig insn't a one on one mapping with the CSV stuff that already was in subversion at
the time.

So the real question is : do you depend on the original code in subversion or can we start
things ?


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