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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject [all] Proposal: Jakarta Language Components
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 20:07:21 GMT
Time to stop being negative, here is what I would like to happen next.

I hereby propose the creation of a new Jakarta entity named 'Jakarta 
Language Components'.

This will be formed from the following codebases:
[collections] - expected to divide
[id] - on exit from sandbox
[convert] - if ever developed

I currently believe these are related, but out of scope:
[beanutils] - logging is an issue
[pool] - is pooling more J2EE than J2SE
[oro]/[regexp] - specialised knowledge
[math] - specialised, has dependencies

Jakarta Language Components will:
- develop multiple independent components
- each component will have no dependencies
- each component will have no configuration
- each component provides an extension to the J2SE
- code judged by would it be out of place in the J2SE
- a component typically has a broad API (many callable methods)
- each method typically does relatively little processing
- have mailing lists (user/dev/commit)
- not have a sandbox
- use jakarta-general (or jakarta-dev?) for cross group issues

For some, this may invoke an immediate negative reaction. But I'd ask 
you to pause and reflect a while. This change allows a new approach to 
commons to be tried - smaller and more focussed. The new group is large 
enough to not be inactive, yet small enough to be manageable. To succeed 
however, it will need to support of those developers who do commit to 
these components at present.


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