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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Problems...
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 18:38:03 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> Agreed that it's not a top level priority; though itches vary.
> My itches:
> * Getting Craig's scripts off his back
> * Auto-deploy of snapshots to ASF Maven snapshot repository
> * Usefully up to date Maven reports (latest source, junit reports,
> code coverage etc)

Agreed. But we need to find somewhere to run it first.

>> That's not to say there should be separate lists. We've done that for
>> big subprojects in Maven and it works just fine. People with special
>> interests can go there, but all the people active across projects hang
>> out and discuss on the main dev list.
> That would work less well in Commons. As far as I understand, the
> Maven sub parts are all very much formed around the Maven concept and
> codebase - ie) I presume the object model for a pom pervades all of
> the subprojects and unifies them. Commons would have only
> infrastructure and rules to unite if the mailing list were split - not
> code.

Actually, no. Most of our subprojects have no notion of the POM.
Continuum and the repository manager do, but the SCM library, wagon, and
JXR are all totally independent. But, they are all used by the larger
Maven project which is what ties them together.

It seems the separation of the XXX commons you have been talking about
probably already replicates this to the extent that it can at the moment
anyway. Following Dennis' suggestion (though maybe not for wiki) is
probably the next step, and I saw from a previous mail that you were
going to wait until you see how it goes for the Maven guinea pigs :)

> We/ASF like to talk about the community a lot, but I'm a firm believer
> that it's the community and the code. 


> They reflect and feed on each
> other. The best way to keep the community together, is to keep them
> dependent on the same piece of code.

You mean commons-logging? :)

- Brett

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