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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Problems...
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 00:08:15 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
>> IMO, until any further consensus, *all* {proper,sandbox} components
>> should have a {m102,xdoc192} build. Anyone is welcome to make progress
>> on the m2 side if they wish, but not having a m102 build just makes
>> those components "unavailable" for anyone who doesn't want to deal
>> with m2 yet.
> m1.1 is an upcoming issue too :)

m1.1 was intended to be backwards compatible. If it's not, that's a bug.
Your builds should work with both.

>> This is the least of my concerns. Like Martin, I don't have any
>> trouble with the site, I stick to the book. But unlike Martin, I've
>> built quite a few sites lately (ofcourse, there may still be some
>> sites that are troublesome, it will be nice to know what the exact
>> issues are -- apart from not heeding the correct versions of
>> maven/plugins to build).
> My site issues are information-architecture/design issues - I think
> it's too noisy and big, in many places we don't pay attention to user
> manuals but spend too much space on the basic info and we don't treat
> the documentation properly in releases. The cop-out is to have a site
> per release, but that's ignoring the issue that our sites and
> documentation are intermingled.

The thing to consider here is that the site is really hard to work with.
Some others have gone through considerable pain to get it in a working
state. So, if there are issues in the future they will be harder to work
through, and if Hen's design/IA concerns yield suggestions that require
changes to the structure or appearance of the site, someone is going to
have to go through that pain again.

That's not a reason to change now, but its a reason to investigate it
which is why I'm doing it.

- Brett

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