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From sebb <>
Subject [all] MD5 and PGP generation [Was: [feedparser] News / Status]
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 18:52:23 GMT
Here's an Ant target we use in JMeter for creating MD5 checksums:

    Utility target to create MD5 checksums in standard format (with *filename)
   <antcall target="_md5">
       <param name="path" value="${dist.dir}/${}_src.tar"/>
<target name="_md5" unless="md5.skip">
    <echo message="Creating MD5 for ${path}"/>
    <basename property="_base" file="${path}"/>
    <checksum file="${path}" property="md5"/>
    <echo message="${md5} *${_base}" file="${path}.md5"/>

Creating a PGP key is as simple as:

      $ gpg -ba file

or using the verbose flags:

      $ gpg --armor --output foo.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig foo.tar.gz

once you have installed GnuPG (which is not all that difficult)


On 02/03/06, Henri Yandell <> wrote:
> md5 bit is easy, given a command line. It's also easy to write Java
> for, and I suspect Maven 2 will easily be doing that for us.
> PGP is the thing that stops me doing releases. I accept that it's
> important, but that hasn't helped me grokk how to do it.
> Hen
> On 3/2/06, James Carman <> wrote:
> > I would have to agree that the release process is a bit daunting.  That's
> > why I haven't released Commons Proxy 1.0 yet.  I really don't know how to do
> > all of that stuff on the release preparation document (md5 signatures and
> > the like).
> >

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