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From James Ring <>
Subject Re: [lang] vs. foo()
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 23:45:31 GMT
Hi Gary,

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 10:35, Gary Gregory wrote:
> Hello:
> This could be a religious issue... look out!
> In our product code bases, we use the "" convention. The
> argument being, that in object oriented programming, a message is sent
> to an object, always.

Will and foo() always result in the same behaviour, particularly 
when you're dealing with overridden methods? I ask because I am unsure!

> How does the list feel about cleaning up foo()'s to's?

I personally think that foo() is just fine, especially when calling private 
helper methods.

> I am willing to do this clean up, actually, I'll let Eclipse do it ;)
> Or, we can leave it all as is, with some classes doing it one way and
> others the other way.

My (unimportant, meaningless ;) vote is to leave it.

> Gary


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