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From Boris Unckel <>
Subject Re: [logging] JCL2.0 design - API
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 09:37:27 GMT

Simon Kitching wrote:
> == LogFactory as factory for Log instances
> Currently, JCL uses a LogFactory to create Log instances:
>   Log log = LogFactory.getLog("fff");
> By contrast, Log4j has the factory method on the Log class:   
>   Logger log = Logger.getLog("fff");
> Having one less class is a *little* nicer for users I think. However it
> does reduce the flexibility of the system a little and changing this is
> a major difference from JCL 1.x.
> My choice would be: keep LogFactory and LogFactory.getLog as the
> mechanism for obtaining Log instances.
There is one really big advantage of the current API in this case:
If you want to have Logger.getLog("fff") Logger must be a class, 
currently it is an interface.
Please do not switch from an interface to an class, since it is 
impossible to provide a native
implementation of JCL2 without an interface.


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