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From Boris Unckel <>
Subject Re: [logging] new simple logging component?
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2006 08:22:41 GMT
Good Morning,

Torsten Curdt wrote:
> ...and frankly speaking - it will also help marketing wise. JCL1
> has a bit of a bad reputation. JCL2 could help to leave this behind.

JCL 1.0x "has a bit of a bad reputation": Some developers/admins 
(profession) or people who have developer and/or admin jobs (this is not 
the same)
expect _any_ software to unzip, click on the start button, and 
_everything_ works with the default settings. Even more: The whole system
is completely self healing, regardless which error occurs.
I understand your remark from the use in tomcat environments. A J2EE 
server is not a plug'n'play system like a USB->MP3 stick, but some
people seem to expect that. Until they do not change their mind and 
recognize that there is software which has the need to read and understand
documentation you  will have this "bit of a bad reputation".

In my company this has led to a proprietary logging framework. It is 
ment to be a independent wrapper, but in reality it just works with log4j.
It has very cruelly methods like
public void debug(Exception e, Object message);
public static void debug(String loggercategory, Object message);

Please develop JCL as it is developed now: High quality, excellent 
functionality, debug output to support solving problems, need to 
read/understand documentation
NOT: Low functionality to avoid errors to support the minority mentioned 


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