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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Gump failures
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2006 00:11:54 GMT
I think this could be "solved" by setting it to use jaxen-1.1-beta-4
instead. I'll try that now. If I can't get it fixed by the end of the
week, I'll turn them off.

I still believe that someone with spare time needs to get Jelly working
with newer versions of Jaxen. Being stuck on beta-4 is not very
desirable, and it appears they are never going to restore backwards
compatibility as it was a deliberate breakage. I'm not that person (I
have neither the xpath knowledge or spare time or need to use Jelly any
more :)

- Brett

Bill Barker wrote:
>> "Henri Yandell" <> wrote in message 
>> *ping*
>> Waking this thread up again. While it's bad for us to go "Jelly HEAD +
>> Jaxen HEAD -> can't work so turn off the build", it's much worse for
>> us to let the noise continue as that switches people off of paying
>> attention to the gump errors. It becomes background noise.
> Actually, from the Gump page it's using jaxen-1.1b6 (Jaxen HEAD wasn't 
> building for a long time, so a lot of projects got switched to a packaged 
> version).
>> Of course this might be interpreted as a feature request for gump;
>> don't irritate us by repeating yourself, instead just send us a
>> summary every now and then of the ones that are long term issues.
> Development on Gump is sort of slow right now.  Unless somebody wants to 
> step up with a patch, it may not happen anytime soon ;-).
>> Still, +1 to any idea that gets rid of the background noise.
> The Jelly projects that are failing are basically the unit tests (this is 
> also true for tags-html, the error for tags-swing is just wierd :).  If 
> nobody care about the tests, you could just get rid of those <project />s 
> in the jakarta-commons-jelly.xml file.
>> Hen
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